• Artisan quality and feel that can be displayed and enjoyed for years to come.

  • Washable canvases. Mishaps are expected. All you need is a fresh print and a wet paper towel.

  • Directions are simple: Ink, stamp, keep or start over.



  • For furry pawed pets, we recommend cutting the fur down to get a more definitive print.


  • Lay the canvas on the floor, ink the paw and then place the paw firmly on the canvas.  Have another person press down on the paw where the paw pads are.  Once done, we recommend quickly pulling up on the leg vs pulling the canvas away. 

*If it's a good print, take creative liberties with a wet towel and clean up the edges. And remember, if your print smears, wipe it off and start over.


  • A sleeping baby is best.

*If that is not an option, ink the foot (get all the toes), have your partner hold the canvas up to the foot at the right angle to create the V and push  the canvas into the foot. Pull the canvas away vs. having baby pull their foot away.  If your print smears, wipe it off and start over.

  • For hand prints, be prepared for your baby to create a fist once the you ink the palm.  Also be prepared to get a little ink on you as you open the fist. Similar to the foot prints, bring the canvas to the hand, force the fingers open and push the canvas into the hand.  Pull the canvas back vs. letting baby pull their hand away. 

*This is a print you may simply want to shape with a wet wipe vs. wiping off and starting over. However, as with the others, if it smears, wipe it off and start over. 

  • Two people make the stamping process easier. 

  • If the print is a redo, wipe it off with a wet paper towel or wet wipe while it is fresh.

  • Let the finished canvas dry for 5-10 minutes. 

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Kathy Pease

These would make a great baby shower gift and an awesome keepsake.

Tracie Brown

These are adorable!  I have a baby shower to go to and this is perfect!!

Maryann D.

I would have loved this when my children were young.  But it  would be a perfect gift for my niece who is expecting.

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