What is it about two tiny feet or one small paw that makes us realize our full ability to love? They represent the foundation of it all.  They are our starting point, they ground us, they hold us in place or send us on great adventures.  But no matter how big we get...we all start with the tiniest of feet that leave huge footprints on our hearts.


Stamped Canvas was created by 4 moms, for all parents.  And when we say all parents...we mean ALL parents. Before we were moms to our precious two legged babies, we were moms to our rambunctious four legged babies.  Fur and human alike, our love was universal.  

Stamped Canvas was the result of failed attempts at arts and crafts, and a desire to capture early moments of life and love.  So here's to the simplicity of stamping, the ease of a ready made canvas, and the love that makes it all come together.  Life is messy; your memories don't have to be!

Our kits come with everything you need to create your own sweet memento with your child or fur baby's actual footprint; pre-printed 8x8 canvas, ink pad, full directions and wipes for a quick and easy clean-up.

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